Summer is over

by Police Academy

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Recorded in schwenny's basement.


released October 31, 2012

Rhett- Drums
J.D.- Bass/Vox
Schwenny- Guitar/Vox



all rights reserved


Police Academy Orem, Utah

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Track Name: Waiting around for nothing
We knew this wait would be worthless
still kept singing it on
With an indifference to purpose
Without a care in the world

Do you remember the ocean
Do you remember the sun
But now we’ve poisoned the water
And now that summer is done

and when we couldn’t take it
we’d wash it out with the tide
Theres no reason to fake it
Theres no reason to hide.

And though the sun is now setting
and the summer is through
we will always be true
we will always be true

So now the temperatures rising
And soon the water is too
They say the glaciers are melting
But we don’t know what to do

Would it be so hard to stop driving
We couldn’t make it to work
Without out a job we are nothing
And we don’t’ have any worth
Track Name: Climate changes
Hottest day in the summertime
All this shit is weighing on my mind
All this guilt is building on my head
I end up wishing that I were dead

Zero time with so much to do
You just don’t know what I’m going through
And in the end it really seems the same
I’ll be the one on the floor in pain

Even though I’m not making sense
I couldn’t think of you any less
Tried so hard but I couldn’t change
I guess theres something wrong with my brain
So now your gone theres no one to blame
And I feel I’m going insane, and I feel I’m going insane.

Your heart has given up, but it keeps on beating
I havent given up, but I’m still repeating.
The words I couldn’t say, it’s a bit misleading.
Track Name: Pharmacy
Running out again,
Call this prescription in
Take it for myself and keeps me from
Gouging out my eyes when will I die
Save some for myself and keeps me up
Burning out again when will this end
Take it for yourself and keeps me up

Pharmacy please
You got what I need
Form of legal speed
No sleep its not for me

Burning out again when will I win
Take it for myself and keeps me from
Stabbing out my eyes when will I die
Take it for yourself and keeps my up
Track Name: Fake out
Your obsessed with waking up.
So scared of dying.
Take a bow your waking up.
No sense if faking us
We know your lying
Take a bow your waking up
So fucked up I cant make this up.

Some distance would do us fine,
but I’m not sure I’m getting out alive
This cancer is in decline
but I’m not sure I’m getting out alive.
Track Name: Last day of summer
said hey there man I’m gone
Looked out the window on a day gone wrong
Don’t want to talk about, don’t want to think about it.

Smoke in the sky
Smoke in my lungs
The sun is burning
And I gotta bite my tongue
Don’t want to talk about it, you won’t shut up about it.

Your always saying that I don’t like to have fun
But it’s just really all your friends they make me crazy

I’d rather be at home in my room,
Than to be at the bar or at another party
I just can’t take another fucking party

Today, is the last day of summer x1million